May 14, 2009

Demos in Georgia

Some might wander what is going on here-as I do -as we all do

Anyway I hope outcome will be good-and both sides will find a compromise-and start really talking!- instead of  waiting for the "other side" to get weaker.

I plan to move a bit away from straightforward coverage of the news and using only digital camera to do so  . For last 7 years I photographed all mayor demonstrations (mostly anti--... but some were pro-...) in South Caucasus -so to mark that planned change in
my professional life:) for last month I did some shots with my Yashika 6 by 6.


Lourdes said...

keep on shooting this format, justyna. your pics are always great but these definitively look very intimate.

Fioletowe poddasze said...

Są świetne!