May 15, 2009

My favorite Georgian photographer

For those who are interested in Georgia Photography here is a link to George Tsagareli  web page-which I consider "father":) of Georgian photoreportage.

World Press Photo 09

As some of you (who follow my work:) might already know I received Second Prize at the WPP for my coverage of War over South Ossetia in 2008.

On May 1-3 I was in Amsterdam on the Official Award Ceremony-and it was very interesting-especially to see work and meet other photographers which for various reasons but with all their hearts- and stubbornly!-continue to telling stories with their cameras.

I was able to go to Amsterdam thanks to support from European Cultural Foundation and their STEPbeyond travel grant.

Also big thanks for WPP team-I was amazed (and still am )how smooth ,well and efficient the whole competition and Award Ceremony were organized.

And biggest thank you is for all the people which during the war decided to share their story with me and let me to photograph them- as I was only a channel to pass their stories further.

And as I was many times before wondering how judges are able to go thru thousands and thousands of photos I wanted to share that video with you-as I imagined you was wondering about that as well.

Video  is a speech given by Steven Mayes (managing director of VII Photo agency) who -if I am correct with exact title - was secretary of the WPP Jury for many years. On the background of his speech he projected photos he took during those years of working with the Judges.

May 14, 2009

Demos in Georgia

Some might wander what is going on here-as I do -as we all do

Anyway I hope outcome will be good-and both sides will find a compromise-and start really talking!- instead of  waiting for the "other side" to get weaker.

I plan to move a bit away from straightforward coverage of the news and using only digital camera to do so  . For last 7 years I photographed all mayor demonstrations (mostly anti--... but some were pro-...) in South Caucasus -so to mark that planned change in
my professional life:) for last month I did some shots with my Yashika 6 by 6.